Invitation to the Data Science Community


The M&D Data Science Center at Tokyo Medical and Dental University has launched a slack community regarding data science in the life science, medical and dental fields.

Data science will become increasingly important for medical professionals and experimental life scientists, including medical data and vast amounts of omics data. However, in reality there are not many people around to ask, so it tends to be a self-study process, with studies conducted through commercially available books.

Tokyo Medical and Dental University is home to both outstanding students and specialists in a wide range of fields, so we have tried to launch a kind of informal circle where undergraduate students who are interested in data science and young instructors can interact with each other, regardless of their affiliation or position.

We are predominately active in Slack, where we introduce resources, events, and papers related to data science, and freely post what we have recently learned or experienced difficulty with, and get feedback from other members. We hope to occasionally hold study sessions like mini seminars via Zoom. If the COVID-19 situation permits, we would like to rent a room at the University and hold social gatherings offline. In addition, for undergraduate students at the Medical and Dental University, we also provide information via Slack about data science thesis study sessions conducted with medical undergraduates from other universities, which allows our undergraduates to create networks beyond the university with young like-minded people who are interested in data science. If you have any ideas about other possible activities, please let us know. We can be flexible as we are an informal circle.
Targeted members range from ambitious beginners who want to learn data science to those who have studied commercially available books and are stepping beyond the beginner level. Students and instructors alike are invited to join us in learning the data science necessary for the future of the life science, medical, and dental fields in an informal, friendly circle.

Currently, approximately 120 faculty staff and students from the medical, dental, and health care fields belong to the community. To join the M&D Data Science Center’s Data Science Community, please click this link and register with an e-mail address issued by Tokyo Medical and Dental University (ending in @tmd.ac.jp).

(If you are affiliated with Tokyo Medical and Dental University and your email address ends in a format other than @tmd.ac.jp, please contact the M&D Data Science Center office – mddsc.dsc@@tmd.ac.jp)
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